A Time For Change

Wow, its been a very long time since I sat at my desk and wrote. And I’m not talking emails or work stuff, I’m talking about just writing…. about my thoughts, my passions, fashion, beauty…

I guess in the past 12 months life has been moving quicker than ever and so much has changed. I have been flat out working which is great, but it also means my website had been neglected as I just couldn’t keep up with everything all a once. I fell out of love with my blog design and wanted to refresh things a bit so here we are.

Some of you may know this already but I work alongside my amazing older sister Ciara. We have always been super close and it felt right to have someone working with me who I trust wholeheartedly and who knows me better than I know myself at times! A few months back we sat and had a little brainstorm as to the direction I wanted to go in.

As much as I love social media and creating content for Instagram, Facebook and snapchat, I wanted to get back to basics and start creating regular content for RosieConnolly.ie again. I don’t think I ever gave it my full attention so it felt like the right time to freshen things up and start to grow my website with regular posts on fashion, beauty, lifestyle and more.

The plan for RosieConnolly.ie is to create at least one fashion and one beauty article per week. My super talented sister will also be writing for the website so it will be nice to see her style and variety coming too. We have very similar fashion sense so dont panic!!

Next week we will also be making the move into our first proper office space which is very exciting and daunting for us. Throw in two house moves, three kids and a wedding to plan between us and you can imagine how keen we are to get some proper working space each week.

A little life update – We are settling into our new home and Harry started pre school in September too so its been a busy few months at home. He will be turning 3 next month so we can’t wait to plan his birthday party now that he has some school friends! We are also making progress on the wedding plans too, although once January comes, we have a super long list to tackle! We will just get through Christmas first, one thing at a time!!

I guess I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has followed along with my journey. I know some of you have been here since day one and some of you are new to following me but THANK YOU. It still blows my mind how far my little corner of the internet has come in the last 3 years and its all thanks to you all for being so loyal and supportive.

I hope you all enjoy the new layout and be sure to check out my latest Youtube tutorial too which just went live tonight – View it HERE

Happy Sunday everyone,

Love and Positivity,





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