Darker Days









Hey guys,

I hope you’re all having a great week. I am currently sitting in my office looking out at the rain with the heating on full blast. Winter seems to have hit us with a bang this year.

So as you know, I share many aspects of my life with you all through my blog and social media, but there is one thing I haven’t been sharing recently. You may be aware that I have suffered from anxiety since 2008 when my Dad passed away suddenly and under tragic circumstances. I have been open about this in the past but lately, I have been suffering in silence.

When I say silence, I mean I have not shared this with you guys but I have talked to those close to me. I usually tell you all when I’m feeling low or having a bad time but I just didn’t feel able to share this time. I have been extremely anxious and overwhelmed for the past month and I can’t even put my finger on why.

I guess it could be the fact that I am juggling a lot behind the scenes right now.You only see the nice, “fluffy” side of my job and not the insane amount of work that goes on behind the camera. Keeping up in a fast pace industry can feel like there is constant pressure to be moving quickly too. I have so many dreams and goals that I am impatient for and want to do it all NOW!

I am also a full time Mum and only have 8 hours baby free a week to get as much work done as possible, meaning I am working late into the evenings after a full-on day with an energetic toddler who is on the go  24/7. I wouldn’t change any of this for the world and I am so lucky to be in the position I am. However, all is not always what it seems on social media. I have been on snapchat appearing like I have everything together, when an hour before I was sobbing to my fiancé over stress and anxiety.

So I guess what I am getting at here is that we all have bad days, bad weeks or bad months. I am a good actor at times and can appear to have everything together when in reality I feel like I am juggling way too many balls at once. 2017 is set to be a very busy and exciting year for me so I think I better perfect my juggling skills….and fast!

It is important to do what is right for you and listen to your body too. If life is moving too fast, slow down. It doesn’t mean you are going to fall behind on your goals…it just means that your head will be in the right place when you do reach them. And as the saying goes…”A problem shared is a problem halved” Always talk to someone you feel comfortable with. I would be lost without the incredible people in my life.

Take it easy guys,



Outfit Details 

Coat –  http://bit.ly/2f3kYto

Jumper (old Bershka) similar – http://bit.ly/2f3hLdg

Jeans – http://bit.ly/2gjrWQb

Boots – http://bit.ly/2fjF8QG

Bag –  http://bit.ly/2fjDeja

Photos by Brid O’Donovan