DIY : Distressed Denim

Hi Ladies,
I cannot count how many times I have been asked out my jeans, and it always seems to be the distressed denim that you all love. Ripped jeans are my trademark at this stage, as I just love the casual, effortlessly stylish look they give. 
I personally prefer a skinny fit denim, but they can also look amazing in a boyfriend style with a high shoe too.
When I went shopping for my first and only maternity clothing purchase, I found there were no jeans that suited my style at all. So i decided to buy a plain pair of black skinny jeans from H&M and do a little DIY on them. I am no seamstress, but I had an idea of how I wanted them to look, and at just €19.99, I didn’t mind cutting into them and seeing how they turned out. I wanted them torn just at the knee’s, like so many of the styles available on the high street already.
If you are nervous about taking a scissors to your favourite jeans, pick up an affordable pair in Penneys for under €10, and practice on them first.
Here is my step by step guide to creating this look yourself:
Step 1 – 
Pop on your jeans, and taking a piece of chalk, mark exactly where you want the rips to be. In this case it was directly across my knee’s. If your jeans are a little loser, and move when you bend to mark them, ask someone to mark them for you, as you stand straight.
Step 2 – 
Remove your jeans, and taking a scissors, make a small incision along the centre of the line you just marked out. I used a small, sharp fabric scissors for this, as a kitchen scissors may not give the desired look. 
Step 3 –
Now cut along the line to each seam of the jean, avoiding cutting right up to the seam. Stop about a half inch before the seam of the jeans. 
Step 4 – 
With your hands, pull some of the loose threads out, to create a messy torn look, as opposed to a clean cut look. 
And you’re done! The tear in the jeans will become more worn and authentic looking the more you wash and wear them.
Happy DIY’ing ladies…
Lots of Love,