Lapland 2018

We recently took a once in a lifetime trip to Lapland in December and I received so many messages asking about it and what our thoughts were on it so I figured it would be easier to put it all together in one post for you. Of you’re considering booking a trip to Lapland, keep on reading!

I was lucky enough to win a trip to Lapland at an awards ceremony I attended almost 2 years ago now. There were prizes under random seats and I had to of been the luckiest winner that evening. I couldn’t believe it as it was something that was always on my Wishlist to do when I had my own children.

Harry was 2 at the time so I asked the travel agent Sunway who kindly offered the prize if they would mind me putting it off until he was a bit older to enjoy the trip and get the most out of it. They were so accommodating and we finally booked in the dates last summer. Our son’s 4th birthday is on the 16th December so we planned to our trip from the 13th-15th December. A two night stay in Lapland for his 4th birthday was such an incredible opportunity to make amazing memories with him.

As I mentioned, we booked it with who are known for organising amazing Lapland tours. They offer different packages from one day trips to 4/5 night stays, all depending on your budget etc. We felt like two nights was ideal for us as it gave Harry a chance to get some rest after the flight and be able to enjoy the jam packed days of activities.

Getting there – 

Our flight was at 8am from Dublin airport, flying out with Aer Lingus. The flight was approximately 3.5 hours and there is kids entertainment from the Sunway elves as well as food provided during the flight. We landed into snowy Rovaniemi and were greeted straight away by more elves who showed us to our correct busses, which would take us to our hotel. All very straight forward, no stress and no confusion.

What to take with you – 

The trip is all inclusive so covers everything from your flights, accommodation, transfers, food and snow gear so you don’t have to worry about organising any of that. I didn’t anticipate that they would provide such good snow gear, and raided the Lidl ski sale for some extra bits but we really didn’t have to at all. They provide your all in one snow suits, snow boots, snow socks and weather proof gloves. All you really need to take with you are lots of base layers like leggings, thermal tops etc, a good hat, scarf, and coat for when you get off the plane. We would layer up thermal leggings under our snow gear and didn’t feel the cold once during the whole trip. We also took our own shoes etc which we didn’t need. I bought a backpack style bag before we left and took that with me but didn’t end up using it as the snow gear has so many pockets and you really don’t need to bring anything with you other than your hotel key, phone and some lip balm or vaseline (we found it a must for Harry as his lips and nose got dry from the cold)

Activities – 

We were blown away by how many activities were squeezed into the two days but so glad that we got to experience so much during our stay. From husky rides, snowmobile rides, elf school, visiting Santa’s village, tobogganing, visiting a reindeer farm and having a sleigh ride pulled by reindeer, they literally thought of everything. We didn’t have to pay any extra for any of the activities as they are all included in your package. You were assigned an Elf when you arrive at the airport. This elf looks after your coach for the trip and takes you to each activity and back to your hotel each night. She stays with you until you’re checking in your bags to come home, so we never needed a thing and always knew what we were doing at any given time. She was also amazing with the kids and even if a trip on the coach took 20 minutes (probably the longest we were on the coach at any given time) she kept everyone entertained with Christmas carols, Santa quizzes and lots of facts about Lapland and its background.

Hotel – 

We stayed at the Sky Ounasavaara Hotel which was perfect. Now, don’t get me wrong, its basic. Nothing fancy at all and the beds wouldn’t have been the nicest I’ve slept on but it was spotless clean, warm and we actually spent very little time there too. By the time you get back each evening, you’re so exhausted you would sleep anywhere! The hotel was exactly what we needed and the staff were super friendly and helpful. They have a games room for kids too which Harry loved. The breakfast was buffet style and had a great selection. We stocked up in the morning and ate lots for breakfast which kept us going right up until lunch.

Who is this trip for? – 

It’s only normal to think that this is a trip to do with kids, and yes, its the ideal trip to do with children for sure. Harry was just 4 years old the weekend we went and he was definitely at a great age to enjoy it. I don’t think I would take a child any younger than that, unless with their older siblings, as I feel they wouldn’t get the most from it. From being on the trip, it was clear that the children aged 5/6 plus really got the most out of it and you could see the magic in their eyes. In terms of a maximum age, there is none. I think the adults in our tour group probably enjoyed it the most and we all got to be kids again and experience the magic of Christmas once again. It was so lovely to see so many families just switch off and have fun in the snow together. I also received alot of questions about whether it would be a trip to do without children. In mu opinion, YES! There were a few adults on our tour that came without kids, couples and a mum and daughter, and they all seemed to love it just as much as those of us that little ones with us.


Finally, would I recommend it?

I promised to be as honest as possible about the trip and whether we would have been happy to pay for the trip ourselves, considering we won it as a prize. That answer is a solid YES. I know trips to Lapland can be expensive but if you’re in the position to save up and do it, then I couldn’t recommend it enough. It would be well worth the money and it really is a trip we will never forget. Our family are already trying to plan a trip to go back as a family, grandparents and all. There is absolutely nothing I would have changed from start to finish. If you need more info, you can find it at





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