How I Maintain My Ash Blonde Hair

Welcome back guys.

Todays post is all about my hair colour and what I use to keep the ash/grey tone to it at home. It’s something I’m asked regularly on Snapchat and Instagram so I though it would be easier to put it into a blog post dos that you have it for reference.

Just a little background on my hair. I was born with VERY fair hair…almost white as a kid. It gradually got darker as I got older and now my natural colour would be a mousy blonde. Due to my hair being so fair naturally, and the fact that I have no red undertones to it, I get away with not colouring it that often. When my root grows out, its not a harsh contrast between my natural colour and the hair dye so I get a few months out of it. Also, my own hair is very fine and thin. Ive never had good hair and its always been like a jinny joe!!

I have Gold Fever hair extensions in my hair which I have applied at Ceira Lambert’s hair salon in Shankill. Due to my hair being very fine, they tend to halve the extension bonds in order to put less weight on my own hair which helps massively in reducing any damage to the hair. I also have them cut up shorter, again to reduce the weight on my natural hair. At the end of the day…the key to good hair is making sure you protect it and treat it right.

On to colour – I get highlights in my hair every few months. I get a full head every second time, and half head in between. Once the highlights are done, the salon will apply a toner. Im not sure of the exact mixture but its basically a toner to give my hair a grey/ashy look instead of a white or yellow blonde. Toners are amazing and I don’t know how I survived without them. Looking back, my hair used to be so yellow!!

Once Ive had my hair done in the salon, its important to keep it up at home, otherwise the toner will fade as you wash your hair. I used to be a divil and wash my hair everyday (so bold) but have cut back to washing it every 2/3 days and it makes a huge difference to the longevity of your colour and the health of your hair.

I have tried every purple shampoo under the sun and have a few favourites that I alternate between, which I will list below. I mainly find that the shampoo from each range does the most toning, not the conditioner. So if you were to just buy one, go for the shampoo’s. Im not sure you’re meant to, and bare in mind I am not a hairdresser so this is just what works for me, but I use purple shampoo every time I was my hair. I probably should cut that back to once a week but I’m addicted! I will wet my hair and apply the shampoo all over, making sure to cover your whole head evenly. Using a hair brush in the shower to brush through the product will ensure an even application. The tangle teaser is fab for this. I then leave for about 5 minutes or so as I shower, and rinse away. I will then apply a conditioner and thats it. I have applied the shampoo to dry hair before and this gives a MUCH stronger effect however it dries out the hair and if you don’t apply it evenly you can be left with some patches that didn’t take…. not a good look!

Purple Shampoo I recommend – 

  1. Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel range – Available HERE and in Kevin Murphy Salons
  2. Bleach London Silver Shampoo – available HERE and in Boots.
  3. Redken Men Silver Charge Shampoo – available HERE
  4. Invoke Touch Of Silver shampoo (cheapest option and very good!) – available HERE and most pharmacies

I hope this answers the questions I’ve been getting about my colour. Anything else please just message me and I’ll get back to you.

Lots of Love,
Rosie x


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