Make Up Focus : Lose the Liquid Liner

Hi ladies,
So as many of you know, I am a liquid liner fiend, and love a sleek winged look using the blackest of black liner. 
However, I also like to create the same look using eye shadows, for days when you haven’t the patience or time for the annoyance that is liquid liner…

Here is my step by step guide to recreate this look – 
Step 1 : 
Apply MAC Uninterrupted all over the lid, blending lightly up towards the brow bone. Make sure to decrease the pressure of your strokes as you blend out. With this look, you will want the most product on the lid, not in the crease. Take the same shadow under the eye, blending softly along the lash line.
Step 2 :
Taking Swiss Chocolate from MAC on an angled brush, push this darker colour into the upper lash line, starting on the outside, and fading it towards the inner eye. Make sure to wing this up, as you would with a liquid liner. Take the same shadow below to the lower lash line, stopping halfway. Do not drink this darker colour all the way into the tear duct.

Step 3 :
Taking a fluffy blending brush (MAC 217) blend both colours together lightly, to get rid of any harsh lines. Make sure to keep the ‘winged’ shape while blending. 

Step 4 : 
Take a brown liner, and line the water line, top and bottom. I used Coffee liner from MAC.
Step 5 : 

Taking Dipdown Fluidline from MAC, I added this to the outer corner of my eye, on the upper and lower lash line, to create an even more dramatic look. 
Step 6 : 
Lashings of mascara are a must for this look. Make sure to curl your lashes beforehand, or you can apply some false lashes to add drama.
Step 7 : 
Lastly, taking a concealer, or foundation which is lighter than your natural skin tone on a flat brush, clean up the outer edge of the eye, giving a more clean line without the use of liquid liner.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and please contact me if you need any more information about this look.
Lots of Love