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Happy Monday everyone…

I hope you’re all getting back into the swing of things today after a lovely weekend. Yesterday we spent the day in Wicklow, enjoying some fresh air and incredible views. I popped my outfit on my Instagram and had so many questions about the skirt. Unfortunately, I had to be that annoying person that tells you that a certain item of clothing was bought months ago and is no longer available… I HATE when that happens and it generally makes me want said item more! Or when you admire something on someone else only to be told its from a tiny market in the oldest part of Spain….rage!

However, I did some searching last night and managed to find a very similar skirt for just €20. While I was browsing I saw some other fab skater skirts that I thought I would put together for this post. I am heading very quickly towards 30 and I personally feel like my mini skirt days are well and truly gone… but I think if they are styled in a more casual way they can work for any age. I am loving the mini skirt with an oversized sweatshirt or knitted jumper over it as I don’t feel too exposed. I paired my look yesterday with a plain pair of white trainers too for added comfort. You can check out my look on my Instagram HERE

Just click on the items below and it will take you directly to them…

Happy shopping x

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