Pregnancy Update #1

Hi Everyone….long time no blog posts!!!
As some of you may know, I took an extended break from blogging and have only been focusing on keeping my Instagram account updated lately. I am now at the stage where I miss writing, and blogging for you all, so there “is no time like the present!
Alot has happened in the last few months, and as you can guess by the title, I am expecting my first baby this December!! I am excited beyond belief and can’t wait to feel the cold weather creep in, as I know that means babie’s due date is closer. I have had alot of requests from some of my followers to do some pregnancy posts, along with my usual fashion and make up posts too. So dont worry, if babies are not your thing, there will be plenty of fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts to come 🙂
I am now 19 weeks pregnant and can safely say, I am finally starting to enjoy being pregnant. I won’t lie, the first 16 weeks for me were very tough, especially when trying to juggle a job which is demanding both physically and creatively. Thankfully, I love what I do so that made it a little easier to get up in the mornings.
I had very bad morning sickness (or as I like to call it, “all day sickness”)  from around week 6 to week 16. My diet was very poor as all I could stomach was Rice Krispies for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I had plenty of doctor and hospital visits, and baby was growing at a great rate throughout, so that kept my mind at ease. After a pretty desperate week at week 16, and feeling like I was reaching breaking point, I finally turned the corner and began to get my appetite back.
As I mentioned, I am currently 19 weeks, and have been craving fresh fruit and all things healthy the last 3 weeks. It has had a massive impact on energy levels, and I no longer have to nap during the day! My skin had not been behaving from all the hormones in the first trimester, but has finally cleared up and over all I am feeling great. I had no bump whatsoever until two weeks ago, and now I am finally starting to show. I started to feel our baby kick in the last two weeks, and now I feel those tiny kicks and punches on a daily basis, which I absolutely love!
We have our 20 week scan next week, and will be finding out if it will be a little Prince or Princess who will be arriving into our family this December. 
I will be doing a post shortly on products I have found useful during the first trimester, as well as how to dress for your shape when you are at that “in-between” stage of your pregnancy.
I hope you all enjoyed my little update, and please share your experience’s with me below 🙂 
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All my love,