Pregnancy Update #2 : It’s A Boy!

So  as my latest pregnancy update has been receiving a lot of attention on my blog, I have decided to do another one, as this week was a big one on the baby front. 
Last Wednesday, we had our ultrasound appointment in the hospital, and had already decided we wanted to find out the sex of our baby. Both myself and Paul are very impatient, and I absolutely HATE surprises of any kind, so it was a no brainer for us to find out as soon as possible. 
I also need to be very organised otherwise I get really bad anxiety, so the thoughts of having to do some baby shopping the week our baby is due was daunting, especially considering I am due Christmas week! 
Waiting in the waiting room was the craziest feeling in the world. On one hand, I was so excited to see our little baby again, and to find out if it would be a son or daughter I will be cuddling this Christmas. But then the reality of the scan kicked in, and knowing that this will be the time that some health issues may be spotted made me extremely anxious, and put the excitement to the back of my mind. Luckily, when we were called in (by the friendliest midwife I have ever met!) the scan went just as we had hoped, and everything with baby looked perfect. 
She was able to tell us straight away that we were having a boy, due to the fact our little man wanted to put himself on show for all to see!! He was moving about, grabbing his feet and putting them to his mouth (Yoga baby!!) I think I shocked all my family and friends when they got the call to say it was a boy, as everyone, bar my Mum, had bet on it being a girl. I even felt it was a girl from day one, so it was a major shock for me too! Just goes to show, don’t trust in all the old wives tales! 
Since finding out we’re having a boy, the shopping has kicked into gear. I couldn’t resist going out the next day and buying lots of adorable little outfits for him, and have already set up a Pinterest board on little boys fashion, so that I can plan out his looks (Que the OOTD posts for baby once he arrives!) 
I’m sure he will be sick of the camera, and constant outfit changes by the time he’s a few months old. 
Baby Instagram account anyone?! 
Symptom-wise I have been feeling quite good this week. I have had some tiredness, and a lot of back ache and pressure, but my energy is good for the most part. Everyday I wake up without nausea, is a blessing in my eyes, having had it for over 4 months! 
This whole experience has been a whirlwind of emotions since finding out I was pregnant. There have been some amazing highs, along with some crazy anxiety, but finding out that I will have a beautiful baby boy in my arms in just a few months, has made it all even more real and exciting.  
I will continue to update you all on how I am getting on, and may do a little baby boy haul post on my recent purchases too. 
Lots of love,