Pregnancy Update #3

Hi Ladies, 
Happy Sunday!! 
It is currently 4am and I am sat up with a cuppa and a box of strepsils, with himself fast asleep beside me. I havnt been sleeping well lately, and have now come down with a sore throat and cold, so thought what better time to write a little update about my pregnancy…?! 
I am currently in my 32nd week of pregnancy, and can say things have been going pretty smoothly of late… Which I am so thankful for. After a bumpy start, with 20 weeks of severe morning sickness, I thought I would never get to the point where I felt well and healthy again. 
After finding out we are having a boy, we had an amazing holiday in Marbella, the first place we went to when we met! It was so lovely to have some quality time together before our little bundle arrives. I think it is very important to make sure to enjoy every second of times like that, as they may be few and far between when we have a energetic little man to look after!! Although suffering with sciatica while we were in Marbella, I was waited on hand and foot by Paul, and couldn’t have felt more content and happy. All we could do was talk about the future and our plans for our new little family. Definitely a holiday to remember!! 
Since coming home from holidays, I have been so busy working, that the weeks have just been rolling into one. Between full time work as a personal shopper, and spending every other spare second working on my blog, it’s safe to say I am exhausted by the end of each day, although I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
Having sciatica and working in a job where you are on your feet and running around all day, every day is not a good combination, but after two spiritual healing sessions, my baby moved off the sciatic nerve and I was instantly relieved of the pain in my hip and leg. Anyone who is suffering from sciatica should definitely give it a try. It is no harm to the baby, and worked wonders for me. I went from limping around, and being told I would need to be signed off work early, to having virtually no pain at all. For someone like me, who is constantly on the go, I couldn’t bare the thoughts of being on bed rest from 27 weeks. 
Symptoms wise, I have had a mixture of the typical things to expect in pregnancy, from heartburn to disturbed sleep. I wake every hour to pee (considering moving my bed into the bathroom!) and get an average of 4 full hours sleep a night. Suprisingly, it hasn’t affected my day too much, and I am slowly learning to adjust to the lack of rest. Just as well, considering this little guy seems to be a night owl, waking up every night to kick the life out of my poor ribs! I get quite breathless now, especially when I overdo it in work or at home, but nothing a quick two minute rest can’t fix. My hair and skin have really been behaving, feeling healthier and glowing every day! I have gained roughly about 10-11lbs so far, but am trying not to get hung up on the figures, as I know I have not been over eating. My only craving has been milk, and I’m talking lots of it!! I never drank milk before, only in my tea or on cereal, but lately I cannot get enough of it… This baby must be craving calcium!
I have had all my recent check ups, and baby seems to be doing great. At my last  check up with my GP, he could tell me his head was low and his little legs and feet were up at my ribs, which explains the breathlessness and constant kicks. I have another check up in the hospital in two weeks time, when I will be into my 34th week. 
I can honestly say, the third trimester is really flying in, and it is so exciting to think in just a few weeks we will be holding our baby son who we have been so impatient to meet! 
If any of you have any questions about my pregnancy and what I have experienced just let me know. I am no expert, but I can finally say I am enjoying being pregnant and embracing my growing bump. I think because I started out so sick, I thought this day would never come. But hopefully, if you are having a tough time with morning sickness, you will get some relief ASAP! 
Lastly, I just want to congratulate my sister Ciara, her husband Justin and my favourite little nephew Ben, on their baby news! They are expecting a new arrival in April, and I am over the moon to be aunty to a fourth little rascal. We are very close, so it’s lovely for us to be pregnant at the same time, lots of baby talk and comparing symptoms!! Congrats guys, so happy for you! 
Enjoy the rest of the long weekend everyone… 
Lots of love,