How I Achieve Big Voluminous Hair – Ad

Who else is of the mindset that when it comes to hair, the bigger the better?!

I wasn’t blessed with thick hair, and also wear Great Lengths Hair Extensions so I am always looking for a little help in the volume department. When the queens of glam, the Kardashians, brought out their own hair care range, my curiosity got the better of me and I had to check it out.


The first product I tried was the K – Body Volume Foam. I applied this to the roots of my hair after I had washed and towel dried it. I focused most of the product on the root of the hair, and with the product that was left on my hands, I applied that throughout the lengths and ends of my hair. It smells lovely and didn’t feel sticky on my scalp. I then blow dried my hair using a large round brush, making sure to focus on lifting the roots. Once my hair was dry, I applied a couple of rollers to the top section of my hair and allowed my hair to cool.


Next, I applied a some of the Take 2 Dry Shampoo to my roots. Now I know what you’re thinking… Dry shampoo is for unwashed hair. Yes, you’re right, but it is also a great way of adding body and texture to your hair if it is fine or silky. I find when I have just washed my hair, it can look a little flat as it is so soft that the volume doesn’t last. Adding a little dry shampoo will give it a volume boost and help to keep the hair looking full all day. I spray this directly into my roots, focusing on the area around the front of my hair where I tend to touch it most throughout the day. This is a beautiful dry shampoo and it does not leave any white, powdery residue on the hair. To finish the look I waved the ends of my hair using the Instyler and backcombed the root of my hair for added staying power.



The last product that I have tried from the Kardashian hair range is the Take 2 Dry Conditioner. I had no clue what this was when I first saw it. In a nutshell, it is a lightweight conditioning spray for dry hair to add hydration, softness and a sleek look back into dull hair. I used this the day after I had washed my hair to condition the ends of my hair extensions without my hair looking oily or greasy.


All products can be purchased from McCabes pharmacies or online at

Lots of Love,

Rosie x