How I Whiten My Teeth – No Sensitivity


Happy Monday you lovely lot!

I am sorry I haven’t been posting as much on my blog, but since arriving home from holidays I have been so busy and playing catch up. I am working on a feds really exciting projects at the moment which are taking up my time behind the scenes, but I will get myself back to a regular routine for you all soon.

Today I am back to talk about such a popular subject that I have been asked about for YEARS….my teeth! I must get asked at least once a day about how I look after my teeth, what whitening products I use and if I have had veneers. To answer your questions – No, I do not have veneers, although I do love the look of them! I was always blessed with good teeth but they were overcrowded when I was a teenager so I had train track braces on for three years, and that was over 10 years ago now.


When it comes to whitening my smile, I am pretty particular about what I use. I love a blinding white smile, the brighter the better in my opinion! I have had laser teeth whitening once before, about 5/6 years ago now and found my teeth were very sensitive after it. I have also tried almost every whitening product on the market from trays to toothpastes to strips – you name it, I’ve tried it.

The reason I am doing my second feature of the iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening trays is because they are the only product that have given me results but WITHOUT that dreaded sensitivity. It is an at home whitening treatment, which is worn for just 20 minutes a day, for 5 consecutive days. You can then whiten them every once in a while to top up the results. The one size fits all trays come pre-filled with the active gel, so there is no messing around with syringes etc.

The amazing thing about IWhite is that it delivers instant results, which just get stronger the more you use it. It also has a highly soluble source of calcium, which strengthens the teeth as you whiten them.  The trays are cleverly designed to whiten both the front and the back of the teeth. As teeth are translucent, stains on the back of the teeth can show through, making teeth appear duller. The trays are so easy to use, are comfortable to wear, and can be thrown away straight after treatment.
Now that my teeth are as white as I would like, I just use a tray when I have an event or a shoot coming up just to add a little extra brightness. I am a coffee and red wine drinker so maintaining my white smile is extremely important, without compromising on the sensitivity of my teeth.
If you are someone who has naturally sensitive teeth then I would definitely recommend these to you as they are really safe to use. iWhite are available from selected pharmacies or you can pick them up online HERE for €29.99 – The box contains 10 pre filled trays.
Heres to brighter and whiter smiles gals –
Lots of Love,
Rosie x